Q & A

Q: Pick one: The Anonymous Mask, Barack Obama, or Vladamir Putin

A: idk anymore

Q: Finish the sentence, "Post Malone eating a bag of....."

A: spaghetti, listening to eminem, fishing for shrimp in the blue lagoon to which a huge head of roy orbison rises from the horizon as someone flushes a toilet and says, 'bless-up'.

Q: Your work appropriates black culture.

A: Ask what your black boyfriend thinks and then tell him that i told you to tell him to stop calling me

sup cuzzo?

Q: How do you spell your name?  And Do you like that Nicki Minaj song, 'Super Bass'?

A: It is spelled like a single and pregnant 23 year old filipino woman spelling an old, wealthy, white woman's name from a Soap Opera (specifically, All My Children) in order to assimilate with white culture.  Nicki knows what it means to try to assimilate with white culture.

Q: Does your cousin know about what you're doing?

A: She has read some past writings, she told me to omit some things...  maybe because they're sensitive. 

Q: Will you make a book?

A: A book for zen meditation, maybe.

Q: Finish the sentence, "Martin Shkreli..."

A: Sucks

Q: Is this what you do for a living?

A: Absolutely not.


In 2011, I visited my cousin in Los Angeles.  

It may sound like a joke but during the visit, I had an out-of-body experience that left me in a great depression that would ultimately last for years to come.

Because I was incapable of describing what caused the experience, or what happened during the out-of-body experience, I became obsessed with the time and place that the experience happened.  

By re-creating the time and space where the out-of-body experience had occurred, I felt more in control of what happened.  And in a way, I have created a system to rationally -- perhaps logically -- think through the traumatic experience by creating my own means of measure.

 At the end of the day, the artwork becomes cathartic,

but also, my real Cousin, is a real-life ghetto-superstar.

For the one short week that I stayed with her, I was fully immersed in the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  And since, I have never been the same, ask my friends and family.

Fortunately, subsequent to visiting my cousin in LA, I was immersed in a liberal arts degree.  At the time, I was in a 'Philosophy of Aesthetics' course and learned that poetry and music are the highest forms of art because of its 'immateriality'; I was studying language and perception; I was avidly reading Adorno, Benjamin, Barthes and studying how mass information is generated and the implications of such; but moreover, and I was applying my liberal arts degree to try to understand the power of Hollywood-culture from an analytic perspective.

Like so many artists before me, I became obsessed with what Hollywood had to offer.  Ultimately, Hollywood (and the ghetto fabulous lifestyle) became the back-drop to various moving variables:

(1) Cultural Pedagogy

(3) Major Depression/Paranoia due to the out-of-body experience;

(3) An interest in synthesizing color and sound & other 17th century Jesuit teachings......

(4) My fall away from Christianity because an athiest boy broke my heart;

(5) Plato's concept of techne, and lastly;

(6) My love for Post Modernism, academically.

THUS surmounting to the perfect storm for the manifestation of COUSIN LIT MAGAZINNNEEEEE (and other works at the time)

COUSIN, a faux literary publication, is representational of only 30% of the work that has been created since this time in 2011.   Most of the artwork [not posted on this website] has manifested through performance and other ephemeral work.

A lot of it has to do with Drake.

The artwork in early form was criticism of consumerism in the USA.  It was heavy handed in great disdain for the vernacular associated with celebrity lifestyle.  Then slowly, it started to take its own identity as a ghetto-superstar, utilizing tropes found in hip-hop and urban culture as a means of conveying a caste system of knowledge and power founded by language and the semiotics of culture.    

At the end of the day, it all looks like Illuminati shit to me.

Katheryn Bajo


Q: Are you a free mason?

A: Maybe.

Q: Do you love her?

A: Very much.

Q: Is there something wrong with you?

A: I keep reading in my horoscope that I have a brain disease... brain cancer or something.  But as you know, its all suggestive.  I am also a very gullible person.