sup cuzzo?

About the Hiatus Status as of 03/21/2017:

Hello everyone.

Its been about four years since I first started this website.  I wish I had more time to invest into the website and see it transform into something else, but this seems almost impossible at the moment.  

I try to update a little here and there, adding more work to past publications because everything  now seems half-assed.  COUSIN will probably be on Hiatus for a bit until I get very bored and/or depressed and coincidentally miss work to write and update the next edition.  The template is there, and it looks great.... I just need to make content for it.

...that, or I can just let this phase of my life pass by, which would be great also. 

But as Drake says, "Five years later how am I the man still/ Fuck that other side bitch we stay winnin'" ? 

only a hard dozen want to be callin' me cousin



To understand a Nation, one must be able to study semiotics.  Any consumer product  is ultimately a reflection of the social and economic time in which it was created.  

We live in a culture where rhetorical devices give power to those who create and understand language.

The English language is continually in flux, redefining itself with the advancement of technology. 

Some can say that hip-hop comes from a lineage of art generated from oppression: we utilize rhetorical devices created in the hip hop culture as a mask, or signifier, to say something else unsaid, but which is understood between a group of like-minded individuals.

​COUSIN's mission is to archive the  re-purposing of consumer generated rhetoric given to the masses as a means of reclaiming the power.